Self portrait, how I did it…

img036 img0374

To create my Self portrait I began by creating these two images. They are from a photograph of me at a family party. As you can see it is obvious what i have done to the image. I then mixed these images together on photoshop using Multiply on the first image and Hard mix on the second and overlaying them. This then created my final image.


50 Shades of Grey, My resources

Here as promised in my podcast more information on ‘Masters of the Universe’ vs 50 ‘Shades of Grey’

See the resemblance for yourself, don’t just take my word for it

Here is the main website that i used for my information for my podcast. I also cross referenced this information with many other websites.

50 shades of grey, Podcast script

Fifty shades of grey, we have all heard about the erotic romance novels. Where a young innocent girl is whisked away into a life of BMSD. Something that she had not ever considered. Fifty shades of grey has topped best seller lists around the world, with the rights of the book being sold in 37 countries and over 70 million copies of the book have been sold. So how did fifty shades of grey become such a phenomenon?

Fifty shades of grey actually started as an online fan fiction to one of the UK’s bestseller ‘Twilight’. It was first posted on a website called under the name of ‘Masters of the universe’. Although according to E.L James’ publishers she had took down her material after people’s comments on the racy nature of her story, and then decided to re-write her material creating fifty shades of grey before taking it, to try and get published. It has been said that she had only changed the names and some situations so that it did not infringe on copyright. So what is the truth and why did she take down the material on If she had completely changed the story like her publishers said then there would be no need to take down the online material.

Due to the power of the internet being so strong researchers found that they were able to use a website ‘The wayback machine’ to access the internet archives and take screenshots of some of the original work. The works has been looked at several different times by many different researchers, and have discovered that ‘masters of the universe’ and ‘fifty shades of grey’ has a similarity index of 89%. So what does this mean? It means that E.L James has not re written masters of the universe she has only modified it. If you look at some of the screenshots of the work that will be posted on my blog it seems that she has only changed the names and embellished parts of it. This means that she has not even changed the situations she originally put the characters in. Contradicting what her publishers originally said. But why lie?

What E.L James has done is legal as she has not used the characters in ‘Twilight’ It feels as if she has cheated fans in some way. Should people not know where this publication originally came from? Other readers may be feeling a sense of de ja vu if they had read her online fan fiction. But don’t we as readers have the right to know? Could it not encourage budding writers to post on these sites in hope they could make an international best seller?

So what I would like to know as fans of the book do you think you should be given information on the origins of the book, or does it not matter?

Window project… How I’ve done it

To create my window project I’ve taken a series of images.




Following this I have then cut out my images in photoshop and then placed them all together to make it into one image. I have done this so it creates one powerful image that gets across my message about being trapped inside technology.

Window project…

Hours and hours later…

I’m done!!!

I’m happy with what i have i think it conveys the message that i was trying to get across the imagery itself i believe i could improve on with more time but i’m trying to currently remember all my photoshop training. Other than that i am very happy and now can carry on my sunday relaxing 🙂


Select my Window Project page to see the end result.

Window project ideas…

I like to brainstorm i find the easiest way to do this is to write down my ideas so i can visualize them.

  • Me holding all different media devices -merge together?
  • full body shot with an ipad over my face (hidden by windows)
  • Images of communication through media devices

I think the idea that i have come up with that i like the best is at the top of the list.  I will now and try figure out how to achieve this in a way that i find creative. To me this will most probably take up a lot of time and effort as i like to be a perfectionist when it comes to things like this.

My Blog

To customize my blog I had to begin by looking through what was available to me. There are hundreds of WordPress themes I have chosen one that I think best represents me. The theme I have chosen is balloons. I have chosen this theme because I think it represents my personality; carefree and happy. I have customized it to make it more me by changing the colours.You can see that I have changed the colours to a more vibrant theme. I believe that these represent me because I am a very happy positive person.As well as this I think it is a very simplistict theme that doesn’t overpower people or offend people.