50 Shades of Grey, My resources

Here as promised in my podcast more information on ‘Masters of the Universe’ vs 50 ‘Shades of Grey’ http://dearauthor.com/features/industry-news/master-of-the-universe-versus-fifty-shades-by-e-l-james-comparison/ See the resemblance for yourself, don’t just take my word for it Here is the main website that i used for my information for my podcast. I also cross referenced this information with many other websites.

50 shades of grey, Podcast script

Fifty shades of grey, we have all heard about the erotic romance novels. Where a young innocent girl is whisked away into a life of BMSD. Something that she had not ever considered. Fifty shades of grey has topped best seller lists around the world, with the rights of the book being sold in 37 […]

Window project… How I’ve done it

To create my window project I’ve taken a series of images. Following this I have then cut out my images in photoshop and then placed them all together to make it into one image. I have done this so it creates one powerful image that gets across my message about being trapped inside technology.