This page of my blog is linked to my three pinterest pages. We were given three key words to make our boards about; self, society, networked. Here you will find my three different boards everything on these boards have come from my own ideas or some even my own images.


What I have tried to show on this page is what is important to me as well as to let people in a little on my personality.I have mainly commented on every image about why I think they are revelvent enough to be on my board. In short, I have a princess complex, I treasure those close to me, my friends and family and finally I love being creative and learning new skills.


My board on society depicts what I think of today’s society. As well as quotes and sayings that help me get on in today’s society. Although society can be depicted into different groups of people who share that same interests I also think we can look at society as a whole.


My third pinterest board shows what i think it means to network myself. You need to get yourself out there to get on the web. As well as to keep up to date with the profession that you want to be in. Although I think that it is very hard to show through images what it is to be networked as i think it is all about getting yourself out there through promoting yourself.


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