Window Project

Anne Friedburg window

The only way you are viewing this blog is via a ‘window’

What is a window?

A window is something in which we view things through. Yes stating the obvious here but by going back to this statement, makes every digital device we own into a window. We now depend on these devices to know things. What would the world we know today be without internet, TV, text messages. How would the generation we live in communicate with each other? How often do you see people having a conversation face to face for longer than 20 minutes without either one of them checking their phones or other such devices? I won’t lie i do like to have personal conversations with a person but i find sometimes I wouldn’t know what to say to them without seeing what they have been doing on facebook/twitter recently, or even know what has happened in the current news. I believe that mobile phone devices are the main window in our current generation. Even though i don’t feel as dependent as some of my friends on my phone, i still can’t go a day without it. I have to put it on loud if its in another room so i know that i won’t miss a phone call or a text. Although for many of their bad points our windows  of communication like the lack of real conversation and going out and truly enjoying an experience without having to capture it to share it with people. It does have all of it’s good points it lets us communicate with friends, colleagues, discover things about our past. So even through their good points and there bad points our virtual windows are a part of our lives now.

Anne Friedburg states

“The window is an opening, an aperture for light and ventilation. It opens it closes; it separates the spaces of here and there, inside and outside, in front of and behind. The window opens onto a three-dimensional world beyond: it is a membrane of where surface meets depth, where transparency meets its barriers. The window is also a frame, a proscenium: its edges hold a view in place. The window reduces the outside to a two-dimensional surface; the window becomes a screen. Like the window, the screen is at once a surface and a frame—a reflective plane onto which an image is cast and a frame that limits its view. The screen is a component piece of architecture, rendering a wall permeable to ventilation in new ways: a “virtual window” that changes the materiality of built space, adding new apertures that dramatically alter our conception of space and (even more radically) of time.”

Window Project

This is my image that i have chosen that i believe represents the ‘Window Project’

My idea behind this is that society is now trapped behind all these objects and many more that we use as windows. So now it is so hard to communicate in ways without any of these objects. Or in fact see what a person looks like. We now see the way of looking through the virtual window as a regular experience. Either to speak to each other, people now have began to text, skype, ect. As well as be informed about what is going on either by the news on the internet or via television.


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